Starbucks helped feed left-wing “progressive” hysteria… now they are being eaten alive by it: #BoycottStarbucks explodes

If you’re not familiar with the Starbucks racism fiasco that has ballooned into an exploding boycott of Starbucks coffee shops, describes it as follows:

…the [black] men were sitting and chatting at a table for less than 15 minutes before employees of the store called the police. While both of the men left the store peacefully and without incident, they were nevertheless escorted out in handcuffs.

Starbucks’ own left-leaning employees, it seems, called the cops on two black guys for “being black.” Apparently, Starbucks is such a “white thing” that the mere presence of two black guys sitting in a Starbucks restaurant waiting for a friend terrorizes left-leaning white employees who freak out and call the cops.

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream.” But today, Starbucks employees say, “Oh my god there’s two BLACK guys sitting in our store! CALL THE COPS!”

What’s next? Do Starbucks’ left-wing employees think the stores should offer a “blacks only” section in order to protect the fragile psyches of the white crybullies and snowflakes who have never actually seen two black dudes just sitting and talking before? (It would have been even better if those black dudes had been legally carrying concealed firearms, by the way, but that’s another story altogether. Can you imagine the snowflake hysteria if they had noticed “black dudes” who were also armed? The snowflakes’ heads would explode… they’re such racists, you see, that they actually think armed black men are all criminals. I happen to call them “citizens.”)

P.S. I personally want to commend the two black gentlemen who were put in handcuffs at Starbucks for keeping their cool and calmly walking out in handcuffs. They avoided what could have become an escalation, and they just earned themselves what will probably be a million-dollar settlement by not resisting arrest or becoming verbally abusive.

This is what happens when your corporation promotes irrational hysteria under the banner of “progress”

What’s especially notable in all this is that over the last several years, Starbucks has promoted a “progressive” left-wing culture that claims to be rooted in “tolerance” but actually, of course, preaches hatred and intolerance (because that’s the core of Leftism these days). As with all such belief systems rooted in political correctness, demands for conformity and the complete lack of tolerance for anyone different from yourself, the “Left Cult” is now eating its own.

Starbucks is being subjected to an exploding online boycott — #BoycottStarbucks — and the intense hatred of left-wing Starbucks ex-customers is on full display. Former Starbucks customers are deleting Starbucks apps and tweeting angry tweets full of profanity at the Starbucks corporation even though the local store employee obviously acted in a reckless manner that violated company policy.

There’s no rationality in the attacks on the Starbucks corporation, but that doesn’t seem to matter. A rational leftist — if there is such a thing — would realize that this incident is the result of a single misguided employee of a local Starbucks shop. The Starbucks corporation obviously doesn’t train its employees to call the cops on black folks. The actions of this employee were no doubt violations of corporate policy. Yet because of the very same hysterical “progressivism” Starbucks has been pushing over the last several years, its own customers are now blaming the Starbucks corporation for the actions of an individual employee.

Because rationality and logic have no place when hatred and rage are being whipped up by angry Leftists. Suddenly, Starbucks is getting a small taste of what the NRA deals with every single day, even as the NRA is technically the oldest civil rights organization in America.

Hey Starbucks: You are now dealing with weaponized hatred stemming from the very same irrational cult you helped create

That’s the Left Cult on display for you: Sooner or later, they always end up eating their own. And all the pro-gay-marriage “love wins” coffee cups don’t actually count for much when the unhinged Left targets you with their hatred. The Left, you see, has become wholly incapable of responding to any such incident with reason or rationality. Those portions of their brains simply no longer function anymore. Whether it’s hatred for Trump, hatred for the NRA or hatred for Starbucks, logic and reason are no longer even recognized among “progressives.”

This isn’t a defense of Starbucks, by the way. The corporation has a long history of despicable anti-fair-trade practices and the use of animal products derived from GMO-fed ranch animals.

This also isn’t a defense of the libtard employee who called the cops on the two black dudes. That employee should be immediately fired.

In summary, this is a defense of individual liberty for people of all colors, races and religions. If two black dudes want to hang out in a Starbucks coffee shop, wait for their friend, then purchase paper cups full of snooty, over-priced, sugared-up “coffee” that’s actually closer to an ice cream shake, that’s their own business. They shouldn’t be placed in handcuffs by police and publicly shamed for merely being black, obviously.

But by the same token, when Trump supporters visit coffee shops, they shouldn’t be screamed at by deranged coffee shop owners, either. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Fordham University College Republicans when they wore MAGA hats into a local coffee shop:

We didn’t hear any massive national outcry from the Left when College Republicans were screamed at by a local coffee shop, did we? That’s because the hate-filled outrage of the Left is not equally applied. The very same progressives who demand “equality” don’t actually believe in it, you see. When two black dudes are discriminated against at a Starbucks coffee shop, that sparks a nationwide boycott bolstered by outraged customers. But when a local coffee shop bans College Republicans wearing MAGA hats, the Left Cult has no problem with it. Even more, the coffee shop owner actually condemns the customers, saying, “you are wearing hats that completely violate safe space policy.”

Conservatives, you see, “violate safe space policy” by sitting in a coffee shop, at least according to deranged, lunatic Leftists. It’s those same Leftists, we now know, who see two black guys as “scary” enough to actually call the police. So much for “tolerance,” huh?

You can never be “progressive” enough to be safe from the deranged liberal mob of hate-filled lunatics

Ultimately, Starbucks is right now discovering that you can never be “progressive enough” for a deranged, irrational mob of lunatics, you see. Their anger and hatred can target any business, at any time, for any reason, without any rational reason at all.

That’s why instead of promoting progressivism, I promote liberty. We should all be allowed to enter coffee shops, regardless of our politics, race, religion, skin color, sexual orientation or otherwise.

Then again, I would never give a dime of profit to a left-wing corporate embarrassment like Starbucks, so my own personal boycott of them won’t be any different from every other day of the year. I’ve already boycotted Starbucks for life.

But if you want to join the Starbucks boycott, go right ahead. I think it’s a lot more meaningful, however, to simply abide by the words of Dr. King and learn to treat all conscious human beings with dignity from the very start. What a thought…


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